Privacy Policy

Old Stuff Auctions processes personal data of Users that visit our Platform and use our Service. In this Privacy Policy, we detail what personal data we process and why. Old Stuff Auctions is the data controller in respect of the processing of your personal data. We recommend that you read this information carefully so that you understand how we process personal data and what your rights are.

The collection of personal data using Cookies, you can find additional information in our Cookie Statement. Definitions in capital letters have been defined in the Terms and Conditions. You will also find a detailed description of the Service there.

A. What kind of data does Old Stuff Auctions process?
We process data we receive from you. For example, when you register as a User or when you contact our customer support department. In addition we collect certain data automatically when you use our Services. Below you will find an overview of the data we collect through different sources.

On visiting our Platform
We collect the data sent by your internet browser, as well as information on your browsing behaviour. This information consists of your IP address, your internet browser specifications and data on your browsing behaviour such as the date, time and duration of the website visit, access to the website (directly, through a link or through a search engine), Auction Lots viewed by you and search terms you used.

When using our mobile website or applications
If you use our mobile website, we will also collect your mobile advertising ID number (AAID or IDFA). You can reset these numbers. For an explanation on how to do this, visit the websites of Google or Apple. You can also enable Limit Ad Tracking for Apple and select Opt-Out of Interest-Based Ads for Google.

When creating your Account
In order to make the best possible use of the Service, you have to create an Account. To do this, you need to choose and enter a username and password and enter an email address. Users can also create a Old Stuff Auctions Account via a social media account such as Facebook. We will then receive basic information from and retained by that social media account, such as your username and email address. We may also receive information about your status updates and content you viewed or clicked on using that social media account. You can control the data you allow us to have access to through the privacy settings of the relevant social media website. In addition, in order to perform our Services, we will ask you to provide certain information, such as your name, email address, telephone number, address, bank account number and, if applicable, the VAT number and the registered number of your company.

You can change this information in your Account and add further information if necessary at any time.

When you start using the Service, certain data will be kept in your Account, such as favourite Lots, alerts, orders, evaluations from other Users of the Service (reviews and ratings), and messages received and sent via the Account. You can view this information through your Account.

When using our Service
In order to enable you to issue bids in Auctions, you will be assigned a specific user number. This number is visible in bids on the Online Auction Platform. We keep records of transaction and payment data related to Purchase Contracts. This may be more extensive than the concise overview that you can see in your Account. We keep interest profiles, qualifications and characteristics of Users, so we know what type of User you are (a Buyer or a Seller, Professional Seller or Consumer) and your location. Such information enables us to find out what you are interested in and to personalise our Service for you. For instance, based on your browsing behaviour we may offer you targeted marketing emails. If you do not wish to receive such emails, you can unsubscribe from the link in your email or by adjusting your Account settings.

When processing payments
We may use PayPal to process payments made to us and to other Users. In such event your payment information will be transmitted to PayPal via an encrypted connection. PayPal uses and processes your payment information, such as bank account number and, if applicable, company registration number and VAT identification number in accordance with PayPal's Privacy Policy. Old Stuff Auctions do not store any data in connection with the processing of payments ourselves, other than the data required for invoicing and to comply with tax and other government regulations such as name, address and bank account.

When you contact us
We store correspondence, for example if you contact us by email or telephone, including recordings of telephone conversations. This also includes any notifications we receive from others about you or the Lots you offered or bought.

B. Why does Old Stuff Auctions process your data?
We may use the collected data for the following purposes.

Provision of the Service
We process your data firstly in order to provide the Service, and to ensure that you can sell Lots to and buy Lots from other Users. We also process your data in this regard for:
(i) Invoicing and debt collection;
(ii) Accounts and internal administration;
(iii) Improvement of our Service; and
(iv) Displaying the Online Auction Platform in a format that corresponds with your internet browser and the device you use.

Marketing and communication
We also process your data for marketing and communication purposes, such as for:
(i) Drawing up anonymised statistical information that we use for target group and market analysis and for improving navigation on our Online Auction Platform;
(ii) Your and our use of social media, implementation of the Old Stuff Auctions affiliate program, promotions where you can invite your friends and other marketing promotions;
(iii) Showing suggestions (such as interesting Lots) and targeted advertisements;
(iv) Offering extra services and benefits;
(v) Informing you about products, events, offers and promotions from us; and
(vi) Maintaining contact, for example by sending newsletters, via telephone or SMS or for answering questions.

Irregularities and statutory duties
We take account of the risks and statutory obligations associated with our Online Auction Platform and the Service. In this context, we may use personal data for:
(i) Securing the Online Auction Platform and the Service;
(ii) Preventing, tracing and countering fraud or any other unlawful use of the Online Auction Platform or Service;
(iii) The registration, mediation and resolution of disputes, including the handling of notifications of irregularities; and
(iv) Compliance with statutory obligations, such as requirements to keep records, but also any duties in the context of criminal or other investigations by the competent authorities.

Old Stuff Auctions Terms and Conditions
We may also process personal data for the implementation and enforcement of our Terms and Conditions. For instance, when:
(i) Removing, reducing or changing User Material on the Online Auction Platform;
(ii) Using User Material for promotional, filing or other purposes, in accordance with our license acquired through your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions; and
(iii) Taking measures connected to actions that are not in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

C. When will data be provided to third parties?

The data in your Account are largely protected. However, you also have a public profile that other Users can see. Other Users may gain access to additional data such as your name, address, Old Stuff Auctions email address and your personal email address, if this is necessary for the conclusion or execution of
a transaction that you enter into with this User. For example, if you conclude a Purchase Contract with another User, your email address and your address will be provided for arranging pick up or shipment of Lots. We may also provide such or other data to a User in case of a dispute between you and that User.

We may also engage processors. These are third parties that perform services for us and, in that context, also process personal data, such as for processing payments, sending mailshots or securing the Online Auction Platform. Processors have a duty to maintain confidentiality and may only use the specific data for providing services to us.
In the future, we may transfer one or more components or assets to a third party or merge them with a third party. In that case, we may also be required to transfer your data.

We may also disclose your data to third parties:
(i) If you have given your specific consent for such disclosure or if we feel obliged to do so;
(ii) To comply with statutory obligations or court orders;
(iii) To cooperate with authorities such as the police or tax authorities;
(iv) To enforce performance of the Old Stuff Auctions Terms and Conditions; or
(v) If User Material is manifestly unlawful towards the third parties in question.

Third parties are also involved in the use of Cookies. Please see the Cookie Statement .
Third parties to whom Old Stuff Auctions provides your data may be located outside the European Economic Area or they may use servers that are located outside the European Economic Area. The level of the right to protection of personal data may be lower in those countries than in the European Economic Area. By using Old Stuff Auctions's services, Users give their permission for personal data to be transferred outside of the European Economic Area. When you leave the Online Auction Platform and visit a website belonging to a third party or enter the digital environment belonging to a third party, this Privacy Policy will no longer apply and we refer you to the privacy policy of the third party in question.

D. What security procedures does Old Stuff Auctions have?
We process your data in accordance with European data protection law. We have security procedures and technical restrictions in place to protect your data from unauthorised access, destruction or alteration.

E. What should you do in case of a privacy violation?
We have a procedure for reporting unlawful activity to us. You can also notify us here if you identify a violation of your privacy on the Online Auction Platform. We respect and protect the privacy of anyone who files a notice or is the subject of such notice. Notwithstanding our legal obligations, personal data provided to use in the context of a notice will always be treated in confidence and will only be used for handling the notice.

F. What will happen to your personal data if your Account is removed?
When you or we remove your Account, we will permanently remove all your personal data. This does not include data that we are required to store for longer periods in accordance with statutory retention obligations or that are processed by other Users, or User Material that we intend to use again in accordance with the license issued in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

G. How can you control your personal data?
You have the right to request your data for inspection. If this shows that we have processed incorrect personal data or have processed personal data we should not process, you have the right to request that we correct, supplement or delete the data. You can send any such requests to us using the contact details below. We will respond to your request as soon as possible and, if there is reason to do so, will correct, supplement, delete your data as soon as possible or restrict processing your data as soon as possible.

H. Can this Privacy Policy be changed?
Old Stuff Auctions is entitled to amend or supplement the Privacy Policy at any time by posting the amended Privacy Policy on the Online Auction Platform. The most up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy can be found on the Online Auction Platform. We will notify you by email in the event that an amendment or supplementation will significantly affect your rights or obligations or it will bring the changes to your attention during your use of the Service.

I. Contact
If you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy and the use of Cookies on our Online Auction Platform, you can contact us at any time using the following contact email:

You can also send an email via the contact form.